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    JVM9-63 mcb ,6KA high short circuit , beautiful appearance with transparent window. Widely use for houses,offices,industrial installation-for switching , control,protection and regulation of electrical circuits.


    Construntion and Feature


    1. Fine and unique appearance
    2. Short-circuit and overload dual-protection performance
    3. High-breaking capacity (6KA) that is leading among the world similar products
    4. Unique label, transparent window
    5. Convenient and reliable installation mode


    JVM9-63 mcb Protection against overload and short circuit,6KA high short circuit , beautiful appearance with transparent window. The rated working voltage 24/415V. Completely rated current from 1 amp to 63 amp. Widely use for houses,offices,commercial complex,motor system(D curve) and industrial installation-for switching ,control,protection and regulation of electrical circuits. Also in switchgear panels,railway and marine application.


    Technical Data

    ● Pole No.:  1P,2P,3P,4P

    ● Rated voltage: AC 230/400V

    ● Rated Current: 1,2,3,4,6,10,13,16,20,25,32,40,50,63A

    ● Tripping curve: B, C, D

    ● High short-circuit breaking capacity: 6kA

    ● Rated service short-circuit capacity(lcs): 6kA

    ● Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

    ● Electro-mechanical endurance: 10000

    ● Connection terminal: Pillar terminal with clamp

    ● Connection capacity: Rigid conductor up to 10mm2

    ● Fastening torque: 1.2Nm

    ● Installation: On symmetrical DIN rail 35.5mm Panel mounting

    ● Terminal Connection Height: H=21 mm

    Characteristic Curve